Worlds Poorest Countries Are at a Competitive Disadvantage in Every Sector of Their Economies

The essay aims to suggest how three different countries are coping up with the changing times whereby their economic activities are not that thriving, and they have been marred by issues that have had a very important bearing upon their own selves.
It is a fact the world over that those countries which are remarked as poor and not so affluent are the ones who are losing out on one context or the other. This was the case in the yesteryears and the same has continued even in the present times. There is reason enough to believe why such an anomaly has come about and how the problem can be stemmed once and for all. However much work needs to be done in order to curtail the negativities that are connected with the problem that the world’s poorest countries are facing at this juncture in time. The world’s poorest countries are constantly at war with their own selves (Satz 2005). They cannot make both ends meet when it comes to their respective resources and hence lack of planning and control results due to the same. The lack of capital is another element which poses a significant problem here. The underdeveloped nations of the world are usually those which are facing severe problems and that too on a consistent basis. These are hampered by the lack of structural reforms, a basic shortcoming of measures and undertakings which are needed in entirety, and so on and so forth. The underdeveloped nations are usually facing these problems because they do not know how to get out of the rot and do something different. Their leaders and decision-makers have not helped their cause much. If only there is perfect chemistry between the developed countries and the underdeveloped nations, and if only there is more proper distribution of wealth across the board, this world would surely become a much better place in the days to come.
There are a number of nations which are going through some serious problems of late. These have included the third world countries that have been involved in quagmires, not essentially of their own making.