Why did Kofi Annan title his memoir Interventions

Kofi Annan d his book interventions for many reasons. First and foremost, the interventions called for social reform that plagued humanity underhis vision. Interventions was to root out the corruption that plagued his society. Additionally, interventions is to truly facilitate the cause of human rights in this pluralistic society. The main debate is to Anan is not comfortable with the western philosophy of intervention because it becomes an issue of ethical egotism. In essence, he does not think that the western ideas should be enforced in parts that want to have their own culture and trends. As a matter of fact, Annan is very particular about this because his focal point is human rights and social reform, not politics. He also beliefs in a moderate approach, which is often underlooked by many means. However, he has to understand that this can often be misconstrued. For instance, even his criticisms of the Iraq war focus largely on the lack of due diligence and post-war follow-up. He is very firm in his beliefs because he understands that much of the UN policies had financial ramifications. What is interesting that he speculates the same policies that he governed, which begs the question- why would he associate himself with it? Many times Annan also is helpless because he does not possess the supreme authority to overrule some decisions. Overall, his book highlights some critical decisions that need to be examined at a more micro level. Overall, this book shed some serious light on certain issues.Works CitedInterventions: A Life in War and Peace: Kofi Annan, Nader Mousavizadeh: 9781594204203: Amazon.com: Books.