Who has committed the greater sin Dr Faustus or Mother Sawyer

Faustus and the Witch of Edmonton. This paper looks at the greatness of sin, seeking to discern which of the two is greater or lesser. It also hopes to build the thesis that no sin is greater or lesser if their consequences are the same, despite the different consequences their perpetrators may have faced.Thomas Dekker, Ford and Rowley, who specialized in play writings in 1950s, wrote the ‘Witch of Edmonton’. The themes of their plays, for example Dekker’s earliest play, Old Fortunatus reflect their interest and concern of common people and their ordinary London lives. They aimed at educating and entraining their audience, while maintaining order in their societies. The other story is ‘The tragic History of Dr. Faustus’, written by Marlowe, who hoped to depict how men’s souls relate to the devil.The Witch of Edmonton play displays a domestic tragedy, based on true-life events in Edmonton village. Elizabeth Sawyer is an old, poor and lonely woman in the village, who is shunned by her neighbors on speculations that she is a witch. To obtain her revenge, Sawyer sells her soul to the devil. Tom Sawyer figures out that it would be better to be a real witch and be shunned than be wrongly accused (Rowley, William, Thomas Dekker amp. Ford, p. 83). Later, Tom becomes Sawyer’s only familiar friend. Tom, the devil, reveals himself as a dog. He promises to provide her justice by making it possible for her to revenge the injustices the society puts on her. In exchange for this, the devil requests mother Sawyer to give him her body and soul (Rowley, William, Dekker, amp. Ford, p. 92). Tom threatens to tear mother Sawyer’s body to pieces if she declines to make a pact with him. With such a threat, the devil compels mother Sawyer to make a covenant with him. At the end, mother Sawyer faces a cruel death at the hands of the villagers who execute her for being a witch.Unlike mother Sawyer, Dr, Faustus is an ambitious and greedy man. While Mother Sawyer