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Use of ForceAn immediate situation, in this case, is dealt with using the required amount of force.Personal safety can be enhanced through proper planning, foreknowledge and awareness to prevent a person from becoming a victim of criminal acts or terrorism. Since security measures are not fooled proof individuals are required to be prepared to handle circumstance when there is an attack. Vehicle armour, body armour, gas masks and other protective equipment dramatically increases the chances of surviving a physical attack.The concept of the use of personal protection equipment is in vogue for thousands of years when man began the use of clubs and stones in combat. Armour has evolved during the various ages of human history (Katz Caspi 2003 p.99).The invention of gunpowder and its use as a propellant has forced the man to use armours to protect from such projectiles. Different kinds of armours are used to protest the user from a specific level of threat. Soft body armour is flexible protection equipment worn by police officers to protect the user from handgun bullets but does not protect a person from the high powered rifle. Hard armour is essential to protect a person from rifle shots but it cannot be worn for a longer duration due to its rigidity and weight. Further, hard armour cannot be worn as a covert under clothing. Hence, it is not recommended for executives requiring protective equipment to be used under a suit. A lightweight protective vest with a lower protection level with better flexibility and comfort is appropriate for these circumstances (Katz Caspi 2003 p.100).Soft body armour is available in several brands which can be used under a suit. Zylon shield is a new material that is flexible to develop concealable armour with good protection. Though there are many other materials to make concealable vests, they do not offer equal performance as given by Zylon shield.