Undergraduate Nursing Education Admission Questionnaire

Personal ment I recognize the fact that Nursing is not a degree for people that do not have the patience and aptitude for Math and Science related subjects. Its courses are filled with much theoretical discussions and experimentations that could make anyone without a true interest in nursing drop the subjects and simply change their major. But I am not one of those people. I have decided and dedicated my whole life to the pursuit of the best possible nursing care for the patients who require it. That is why I came to McMaster University and that is why I will stay.
As a student, I find that although I can understand the theories being discussed in class, there is something lacking in terms of knowledge transfer that can only be had through proper visual teaching alongside the theoretical approach. I realize that it is a bit hard to create a visual representation of nursing theories, specially as the courses progress in difficulty, but I have found that I learn best through the combination of theoretical and visual representation of the lessons.
Once I am placed on rotational duties, I believe that I will be able to shine even more as a nursing student. That is because I am the kind of student who can practically mimic any physical movements done in front of me. Therefore, I can accomplish the hands on nursing tasks with precision. This is something that will come in handy as a talent when I finally become a duly licensed nurse in charge of assisting doctors during simple or moderately advanced procedures.
It is because of my aforementioned learning styles and abilities that I am confident of my future as a MacMaster Nursing student. MacMaster prides itself in being a student-centric institution of learning that uses an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching its students. Being a visual and technical student, I know that what other nursing schools would consider a learning drawback for me, shall be truly embraced by my professors at MacMaster who will then help me harness these unique abilities and skills of mine in order to create a special kind of nurse in the future.
I believe that my experience in life, the practicality of having to care for my aging relative to the moment of death helped me become a highly intuitive person. I was tasked to care for my comatose aunt who require daily insulin shots, sugar monitoring, vital signs monitoring, and also NGT care and feeding. I was only instructed on how to do these things by the doctor in charge. I knew nothing about how to do these things or why it needed to be done. At first ti was overwhelmed at the thought of the tasks before me but as I progressed, I found that I had the inner strength to challenge myself to complete the tasks, even if I had to ask for extra instructions from the doctor whenever it was necessary. That was a side of my inner strength that i did not know I had. Just as I never knew that my weakness lay in the fact that I tended to have self doubts when faced with unfamiliar tasks. But these were challenges that I overcame and this was the situation that opened my eyes to the fact that I wanted to become a nurse.