Training Solutions Marketing

Based on the research, firms are now focusing to identify new sources of revenue or innovative approaches that may provide profits to the organizations (Catterall, pp. 69-76, 1998). For this purpose, UoH will facilitate TS by carrying out market research that anticipates increment in the sales of TS’ services to its existing customers. In this regard, the UoH will attempt to carry out comprehensive research on the needs and requirements of existing customers of TS, while at the same time, UoH will put efforts to identify loopholes and flaws in the TS that are complementing the effects of economic recession on the organization. Besides anticipating increment in TS’s sales, identification of potential competitors of TS is an imperative and most significant objective of the proposed research. In order to fulfill this objective, the UoH will carry out research to identify products and services of the competitors that will allow a comprehensive understanding about their strengths and weaknesses, and in turn, will enable TS to alter its services according to the market situation.Although the acquisition of theoretical information is very beneficial in market research, however, the UoH will put efforts to carry out research in order to acquire information from the ground realities. For this reason, the proposed market research will benefit from both qualitative, as well as quantitative research designs (Creswell, pp. 77-85, 2003). In the qualitative approach, the proposed research will use specific case studies (Belk, pp. 33-38, 2006) of TS’ competitors to acquire critical information.