Total Quality Management in Irish Healthcare

This study focuses on such three main barriers which were highlighted in the findings from a research study in the Irish Health Care sector, emphasizing on the factors related to quality implementation. These show the barriers which act as resistance to change to TQM and they are (i) Organizational culture (ii) Interdepartmental barriers (iii) Quality not given its significance. The paper finally concludes giving recommendations to overcome these issues. The organizational culture prevailing in the Irish hospitals are the ones guided under conventional management styles. Hence the culture within lacks the modern concepts like the multidisciplinary team approach which is highly essential to deliver in such service sectors which also leads to a breakdown in communications. As per the research study, 47 percent of hospitals agreed to the organizational culture resistance as a barrier. These Irish hospitals which were organized and exercised on a hierarchical basis, monitored by bureaucratic cultures, are resistant to employee empowerment thus blocking the TQM approach. Changing such a prominent culture is not an easy task as the organizational culture is often overlooked and cannot change with mere announcements or mission statements but may gradually develop through alteration of policies and daily practices.