TOPIC Philosophy of Sociology

Arguably, the contemporary society has been divided along several lines that it appears impractical that the world will at one time achieve real freedom. Accordingly, it has become difficult to forecast what concepts of the society will make it be regarded as a free world. Currently, it is hard to claim that the world is free as there are a number of factors that are still determining how we act in the universe. Everyone in the world appears to have been colonized by a particular concept that consequently inhibits the possibility to act freely. Even as much as the colonized individuals would wish to gain their liberty and act with some degree of independence, the colonizers would persistently force their way into the colonized (Asad, 2013). In this regards, attaining a truly free society appears like an illusion. Nevertheless, the liberationists lay emphasis on the need to achieve a truly free society. The ideologies of liberalists are that the society can get rid of the current compartments and thereafter develop a society where every individual is allowed to make free choices and decisions.
With the primary focus being the need to attain a society that is functionally and truly free, there is a need to discuss what elements in the society make the society be considered as entirely free. Consequently, the aim of this paper is to examine how a truly free society would appear. In order to attain a truly free society, there would be a need to emancipate everybody in the society towards a particular socioeconomic and political level. This paper shall also discuss some of the ways in which individuals who perceive themselves as oppressed can emancipate themselves in order to attain parity in the society. Putting into consideration the role that the government plays in the liberation or segregation of the society, this paper shall investigate the type of government that would be appropriate for a truly liberated society.
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