“The seventh decade (the 1960&#x27

s)”Is there are way to write history that isn’t boring? We think so – and I am sure you can too.Meme’s are one of these powerful mechansims – they convey meaning, they convey emotion and they convey information.Your assignment this week is the first step towards completing the final project (go take a look at it under modules). No matter what your topic is, since this is a 20th C history class, you will need to assess the topic chronologically – and that will require understanding the issue during the period of the 60s.Depending on what your topic might be, provide us a perspective into the history of this topic in the 60’s with a meme.You can find an meme, or you can make one yourself. You should also include an explanation of approx 150 words of the meme and where you found it or the inspiration that helped you make it (ie cite your sources)Below are a some key events and places from the 60’s that may help imagine a meme or finding one the Cold War Flower power The Beatles Twiggy Birth Control Space Race to the moon16/05/20205history