The purpose of this group project is for you to have hands on experience at conducting a real market project by applying concepts learned and skills acquired throughout the course You are a group of newly appointed Market Researchers to a

particularly significant for mobile phones as more and more tools and “functional designs” (Burgunder, 2007:99) have been incorporated into the mobile phones. Customer requirements of mobiles are not restricted to the fundamental communication purposes, but also on purposes for other mobile efficiency, applications, comfort and ease of use. Unlike other “interactive systems” (Virvou &amp. Jain, 2008:2) customer criteria of estimating benefits probable from mobile phones contain issues like functional requirement, brand image, aesthetics, user experience and self-feeling. These factors totally include influence on the on the whole consumer perception.
Nokia Corporation is an international communications company, focused on the important development areas of wireless and wired telecommunications. Nokia is presently the worlds biggest producer of mobile phones. with an international tool market share of about “38% in Q2 of 2007” (Nokia Reports Q3 2007 Net Sales of EUR 12.9 Million and EPS of EUR 0.40, 2007). Nokia creates mobile phones for all main market section and protocol, containing CDMA, W-CDMA and GSM. The business also creates “telecommunications network” (Polishuk, 1993:8) tool for applications for example mobile and “fixed-line voice telephony” broadband access, ISDN, wireless LAN and voice over IP. Nokia is a leader in the areas of network communications, site-based tools and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Espoo, “Finland” (Netherlands: Business Law Handbook, n.d.: 36) and with processes around the globe, Nokia spends in the tools of the future.
Devices Business: Nokia has recognized itself as the brand leader and market in the mobile phone market in UK. The corporation has constructed a varied “product portfolio” (Linden, Schmid &amp. Rommes, 2007:192) to convene the requirements of various customer segments and therefore offers plans across five groups i.e. Live, Entry, Connect, Achieve and Explore. These contain products