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Additionally, his approach to the project also appears focused and effective since he appears to be operating on the assumption that a human resource department must be able to satisfy the needs of its clients, including employees and managers.
nbsp.Although Lance approach had quite a number of strengths, his approach to the project appears to have had more methodological and theoretical flaws than strengths. The first major weakness in his approach is evident in the question checklist, which was very short. Accordingly, the question checklist could not give a comprehensive insight into the functions of the human resource. The second major weakness in his approach was that he failed to follow all the job analysis procedures. The third weakness was that the response was received from only three out of the five managers, which was a fundamental flaw. In fact, the interview that Lance conducted with Clark was of no use taking into consideration the fact that it was marred by interruptions. Another weakness in the Lance approach to the project was that Lance failed to meet with the unions, subordinates, and other employees who work at other locations far from the head office. Conventionally, it would have been appropriate that Lance meet all the stakeholders who play a critical part in ensuring the effectiveness of the human resource management.
nbsp.Another major weakness in Lance’s approach also became clear after conducting the three interviews. According to the case, it is clear that Lance had no idea of job roles, the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of HR department functions, as well as a performance standard, after conducting three interviews. Certainly, this was a major weakness as conventionally people would expect him to be highly knowledgeable about these issues at the end of the third interview.