The Philosophy of Pastoral Work

The basis directs the thesis that the church as an organization evolution today is deviating from the core purpose and failing as the expectation of Christ would be2. The organization structures, the leadership and pastors’ role in the church, in addition to the family involvements, and challenges in the ministry are causes to the deviation evident today. The ultimate calling of the pastor originates from their intimacy with Jesus Christ, the spirit and the Father. To the pastor, their source of joy, faithfulness, and fruitfulness draws from their obedience in Lord Jesus Christ. The exemplary leadership of Jesus to the church remains he mentors to the establishments of pastors’ foundations. Christ in his leadership example, teachings and living, he commanded respect from his foundation of taking the yoke and doing the will of the father3. Therefore, this realistic example of leadership is what defines the expectation of the role of the pastor in leading the congregation. The ministry philosophy edges from the commandment of love, in which Christ showed his example by taking the yoke of the sinners because he loved them. When the pastor accepts the responsibility to the call, to lead people, they acknowledge the expectation to take the yoke of the people and live in a ramification of the love Christ4. Therefore, a pastor’s life is more than what we see every Sunday morning at the cathedral gatherings. For a pastor, the ability to see beyond the personal needs and expectations of oneself and into the heart of others develops a Christ-like image within the pastor. Therefore, to achieve a successful relationship with Christ, and live an exemplary life imitating the imagery of Christ, love must abide within the heart of a pastor. It is a choice that pastors must make, to love and help others as they lead them. When a person accepts the calling to a pastor, he gives theLord permission to reign in him, to control all aspects of his life, to commit to Christ and allow God to renovate his verve into the reflection of Christ.