The Overall Manufacturing Cycle of Flange and a Proposed Manufacturing System

Now in this report, it has two products and their assembly. the report will focus on process and material selection for the manufacturing of the two products. These two components are flange and ring gasket. These are used in wellhead equipment. Now the sizes and dimensions are actually defined by the customer and the type and size of the wellhead equipment used. Well, head equipment is the primary equipment used in drilling and production of oil and gas. This equipment is installed at the land of the well. This equipment is used to deliver the hierarchal and overall support to all the drilling and production structures. The major purpose of the equipment is to provide the necessary support to the suspension area as well as the tubing that goes deep into the well. There are other several functions of the wellhead equipment these includes sealing of the casings, a way for accessing well, attachment of Christmas tree or production valves on the top is only possible through wellhead equipment. Now the flanges are used to connect different parts of the wellhead, as well as the pipes within the well. The pressure of the mud coming out of well is huge and thus the design specifications of the wellhead equipment should be accordingly catered. Now the flanges are an integral part of the wellhead equipment, their design considerations and specifications are vital in manufacturing, any problem in its designing can even maltreat the whole project of oil and gas or can result in severe consequences.