The Independence of Israel

The Israeli Independence of 1948 was thus created and remains so today amidst continuous wars with the local Arabs or Palestinians.Pre-Israeli Independence – a history. Unlike Pakistan, almost half a century later, Israel faces persecution from national and international interests due to its continuous struggle for an independent Jewish state. Its history dates back to the times when the Romans expulsed the Zionists around the second century CE. The land was renamed Palestine due to the majority of the Jew’s enemies, Philistines, living there at that time. It was repopulated by the Arabs after the Muslim Caliphate recaptured the land from the Romans in the seventh century CE (, 2006). The desire for an independent Jewish state remained of little significance until the nineteenth century which then also saw the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora.In Historical terms, the Jewish people have been expelled from Jerusalem and the Promised Land several times and the example of the Babylonian Captivity is the first instance of the Jews being expelled from their holy city. King Nebuchadnezzar is the first person in recorded history, known for removing the Jews from their settlements in present-day Israel and sending them to Babylon. Once King Cyrus of Persia had overthrown the long-standing authority of Nebuchadnezzar, the Jews returned to their homeland for the first time and began rebuilding their lives (Wikipedia, 2006). Ha’am further reports that:History teaches us that in the days of the Herodian house Palestine was indeed a Jewish State, but the national culture was despised and persecuted, and the ruling house did everything in its power to implant Roman culture in the country and frittered away the national resources in the building of heathen temples and amphitheaters and so forth (Ha’am, 1897, Pg. 1).Anti-Semitism is commonly said to be the cause that forced the Jews to seek out a separate homeland of their own.