The Important Role of Homework

The process of undertaking homework enables the students develop self regulatory skills as they are able to resist distractions and innovate strategies that would enable them use the limited time to complete their assignments. This is how self-regulation relates to homework and the results in this article indicate that from elementary grades to college, skilled learners tend to practice the self-regulatory procedures as they do their assignments. Usually, the skills sharpen with constant practice.
This article also demonstrates that students can undergo training to develop the skills as they do their homework. It asserts students entail training at all levels of learning so that they appreciate the connection between the self-regulatory knowhow and homework tasks. As per co-relational studies, self-regulatory skills and motivational beliefs have positive effects on homework (Ramdass amp. Zimmerman, 2011). Considering the demand in assignments, students need the motivation and capability to complete it with success. Therefore, teachers should participate in helping students by maximizing the use of homework logs.
Explanation of Information Discussed in Each Section
This topic is relevant to the American Educational System as teachers usually assign homework to students in a bid to elevate their learning outcomes.nbsp. Researches so far done aim at analyzing evident link evident amid homework time and realization. . Evidence from these research have shown weak to modest at the middle school levels.