The History Background and Issues of the Establishment of the Social Security Program

f. How was the program initially funded? Have there been major changes in the funding of the program? g. What is the effect of the program on targeted population today? h. What is the effect of the establishment of this program on human services workers? The History, Background, and Issues of the Establishment of the Social Security Program a. What was the problem/s or needs that the program sought to address? Target population? According to Achenbuam (1986), Social Security Program had first started in the 1930s during the period of Great Depression where the old – aged citizens had experienced more than a half higher level of poverty rates. In this regard, the program was implemented as a form of social insurance to address the needs of the old – aged citizens of America through a creation of assistance and system of benefits to be given among the old – aged workers as well as their families (Kollman and Solomon – Fears, 2001). Benefits were given to the retirees and even the individuals who were laid off from their jobs (Achenbuam, 1986). In times of deaths, this program had provided a lump – sum benefit (Achenbuam, 1986). … ation (SSA) (2000) Frances Perkins, the Secretary of Labor who was the Chairwoman of Committee on Economic Security proposed and supported the establishment of the program. Other committee members who supported Social Security were the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr.. Secretary of Agriculture, Henry A. Wallace. Attorney General Homer S. Cummings. and Federal Emergency Relief Harry L. Hopkins (SSA, 2000). On the one hand, a senator from Oklahoma disagreed and questioned the said program (Altman, 2009). c. What were the arguments in FAVOR of the program and AGAINST the program? According to Achenbaum (1986), those in favor of the Social Security contended the advantages of the program. First, the needs of the old age in their retirement were addressed through benefits and assistance. It was seen as an encouragement for the retirement of the old – aged workers. This had created new job opportunities for the younger individuals. Thus, the unemployment rate would be lower. On the one hand, those who were in opposition to the program, particularly the Senator from Oklahoma argued that it was a form of socialism (Altman, 2009). Also, it was the case that it had excluded the minority groups including women. The minorities and women were not receiving unemployment insurance as well as the pensions given to the old – aged citizens (Mink, 1995). Social Security Act of 1935 was regarded to be discriminatory. d .What are significant dates in the establishment of the program and of major changes in the program?According to Social Security Administration (2004), as initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Committee on Economic Security (CES) was created in 1934. The task of this committee is to study the necessities of the old age. In this regard, CES