“The Hispanic Community in the USA AT&amp

T Business Transactions" Hispanics come from different countries they may not be aware of the differences and the similarities. The non-Hispanics are not aware of what these differences and similarities may be. This leads to misunderstandings while communicating with their customers in the USA and while placing international calls to the Spanish speaking countries and performing business transactions. AT&amp.T will be at an advantage point if you take the initiative to offer this holistic approach of teaching Spanish at your location while at the same time your personnel will be able to relate to the Hispanic community and Spanish speaking countries and learn about its idiosyncrasies. They will learn the Spanish language. They will learn the history of the different countries Hispanics come from. They will learn the idioms used in the different Spanish speaking countries. They will learn taboo words used in the different Spanish speaking countries. They will learn the customs from the different Spanish speaking countries. and, The will learn about the traditions from the different Spanish speaking countries. It is not only important to learn a language. Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Chevrolet-NOVA were all fiasco transactions when they were accomplishing their business transactions in Thailand, Africa, and Venezuela. This was due to, in: Coca-Cola´s case by a translation that did not take into consideration the cultural aspects. Nestle´s case by not taking into consideration the environment and customs. and, Chevrolet-NOVA´s case for not understanding the implications of the word NOVA (NoVa, will not work) in Spanish. These transactions flopped. AT&amp.T does not have to go through these motions. By contracting our language school to deliver this holistic proactive class will not only help travellers and non-travellers in delivering successful business accounts (for your international expansion of the business) but it will also help to satisfy the national Hispanic communities concerning customer satisfaction. Maximum of 7 students per class, 105 students. Materials: Business Spanish Text Book, Business Spanish Work Book, and Compact Disk will be $50.00/student. Classes will be held Monday through Friday before or after the workday. Programmed to start on March 5, 2007. What may be the drawbacks? The drawbacks may be that the employees may not want to take Spanish classes before or after their workday. The benefits are that by having your employees partake in a language program of this nature both AT&amp.T and the employees will benefit from it. The classes will be held at AT&amp.T´s location so that the employees will be at work. the classes will be paid by AT&amp.T (fringe benefit). the probabilities of losing accounts will be minimal. and, the cost/effectiveness for AT&amp.T will rise. I hope to meet with you at your earliest convenience to further discuss this proposal and to start immediately. AT&amp.T deserves it and your employees deserve it. Everyone will come out as a winner. AT&amp.T will see the bottom line in their financial statement and the investment will be paid off automatically. The employees will feel important because they have been considered to partake in one of AT&amp.T´s initiatives and feel part of the “family” and also receive fringe benefits while in a learning process with their colleagues. Part of the incentive for AT&amp.T is in the cost. The total amount for the students´ materials has already received a 20% discount and the class per student is $1336.00 for a six months period of a holistic approach of learning a Business Spanish course.