The Heraldic Shield Proofreading

I understand that every shield should represent rich message to people who view it. A heraldic shield represents the vigor and pride of an organization, military unit or any other professional institution. Symbols and their interpretation The first symbol on the shield is a lion and it is an animal known as the king of the jungle and is popularly known for its royal status. Here the shield is held by lion because it is depicting the strength and royalty one needs to imbibe in their personality to build a good future. The lion is always bold in its attitude and every person must have the eagerness to learn from the lion to be bold in every facet of life. The lion also portrays pride, protective nature and braveness. Seeing these qualities in the lion, I believe these qualities also represent myself The other animal which is holding the shield is a unicorn. First and foremost the white color of unicorn is a sign of chastity, purity and virginity. This gives a message to people that one need to be pure and virgin in thoughts. According to (Martin,2010) To encounter a Unicorn, a person must find a place of true love in their heart. Unicorns have many traits and characteristics, and they mean many things to different people. In mythology, the unicorn is a symbol of chivalry and it’s portrays the qualities of proud, untamable nature and unique status. Moreover the horn of unicorn resembles the weapon of Christ and one who has faith in Christianity. A unicorn also represents a girl’s virginity and hence a girl should always maintain her purity. Another beautiful symbol which is projected in the heraldic shield is the swan, a heavenly bird. A swan is a bird which is said to be heavenly and popular for its beauty and elegance. This elegant nature of the swan conveys the message to the people to be elegant and gracious. The swan spreads a symbolic message of love, grace and beauty to the people. A swan means beauty, attractiveness and romance. A swan gives an idea to the people that one should always try to remain beautiful. The swan has the strength of beautifying any environment it is in and this attribute of swan communicate to the people to remain calm and serene in any environment they are in. Another gracious bird which decorates the shield is peacock. Its a well-known fact that the peacock is the most beautiful bird on earth and it is known for its colorful and shiny feathers and dancing quality. When a peacock dances, everybody sways in the festive mood of the bird. As per (Augustine, 2012)The characteristics of a peacock are extravagant, making it easy to differentiate between him, his female counterpart and other types of birds. Here the peacock is symbolic of vanity and fanciness. It represents the core attributes of women, who are always craving vanity and glamour. When it comes to the charm of my heraldic shield, it is enhanced by the inclusion of rose. The rose is one of the most beautiful plants in whole of earth because of its beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. Throughout the human history, very few flowers had the luck to be in the hearts of people forever. The rose is often connected to romance, heart, love and passion. A rose symbolizes the passion and desire a man has towards his love interest. A rose is often connected with the beauty and charm of a female personality. Roses are well known for their heavenly fragrance and also for its devotional and passionate characteristics.