The Children and Young People Policy Agenda of Welsh UK and European Government

The Extending Entitlement suggests several key recommendations, which have a crucial importance for youth community and work practice. First, under this policy support for Welsh youth should be structured around an entitlement for all young people to a variety of services in their preferred language, created to promote their personal realization and development. Secondly, the ethos of this approach involves guiding and encouraging all the youth to take up their entitlement rather than supervising their participation. Furthermore, the Entitlement emphasizes the need for a young people’s strategy, designed by a common effort of statutory and voluntary agencies in order to create a network of support and opportunity for all young people in the area. This strategy should also be aimed to enable every young person in Wales to participate successfully in education, training and work as well as to contribute as citizens within their communities and beyond, as such activities may enable young Welsh people to become aware of their full potential. The youth themselves would play a very important role in both design of the strategy and monitoring its effectiveness.This policy also involves the quality improvement and extension of services, aimed to create a comprehensive support network. This network should involve a shared responsibility to support young people and fulfill their needs, as well as clarity concerning the specialist contribution of each agency to the common strategy.Apart from the Extending Entitlement, the Assembly Government has provided local Welsh authorities with several documents, which comprise the most crucial elements of government policy concerning young people: learning, inclusion, citizenship, and safety. Since 2002, all local organizations involved in the provision of services to young people have been required to follow the Guidance, which accompanied the Youth Support Services Directions.