The Ask Italian Retail Brand Management

In the background of the aforesaid subject matter, this research study intends to examine all the aspects of the Ask Italian brand and identify brand management strategies adopted by the company’s management to suffice customer expectations and corporate objectives.The rationale for this research study emphasises the fact that the notion of retail brand management is gaining its significance due to changing business environment and the preferences of the customers. Thus, evaluating the Ask Italian restaurant brand would certainly aid in determining the likings of the customers, which would enable the restaurant to accomplish its predetermined business targets.In this present day context, it has become quite challenging for organisations to satisfy the customers and attract them towards making large product choices. In this similar concern, effective and proper retail brand management would certainly help in attracting the customers at large. In case of the Ask Italian restaurant brand, the restaurant can satisfy and attract the customers in the form of effectively managing its brand through offering quality services at the cheaper price to them.In accordance with the explanation of brand given by American Marketing Association, a ‘brand’ can be regarded as a name, term, mark, logo, sign, or design or amalgamation of them, which aim at recognising the products and/or services of an organisation and to differentiate from other competitors (Kotler amp. Armstrong, 2007). As stated by Chernatony amp. McDonald (2003), a successful brand is recognised as an identifiable product, service, individual or place augmented, which a customer or user perceive significant and exclusive. It is noteworthy in this context that the success of a brand depends largely on its ability to support these values in front of the competitors. Although the idea of branding has been used widely in the context of marketing, its primary roots have evolved and developed as a significant measure of difference, with the capability of imposing the premium price.