Text analysis American History X

The film is about two ‘white’ brothers, who because of their racist leanings, get their lives wrecked, even after leaving behind those racist thoughts. That is, although both of them get reformed through the actions of certain compassionate characters, their racial violence earlier catches with them and the film ends tragically. Derek and Danny Vineyard are the two brothers and the film is told from the perspective of the younger brother Danny, as he narrates the story as part of doing his term paper. Although, both the brothers were studious and intelligent students in their school days, they become racists due to certain societal happenings. So, this paper will discuss those societal happenings, analyzing and evaluating the film from the narrative point of view and how narrator is used to bring out various perspectives.Men or women cannot exist in ‘isolation’, without being influenced by the happenings in the society. That is, majority of their thought process and actions will be influenced by the society, which also includes their family members. Family particularly the parents are the main influencing factor in the formation of certain thoughts or ideologies, and that is visible in American History X as well. Brothers, Derek and Danny live in a family of 6, with their parents and two sisters in Venice, California. As mentioned above, Derek is a bright student, without any racist mindset, but his father, Dennis’ act of imbuing certain racist thoughts in him works as the initial ‘seeding’ of racism. During a dinner scene in the movie, Derek tells his family members that he will be reading a novel written by an African American writer. He tells that excitingly but his father, a firefighter, disapproves it by stating We don’t know (the minorities), and we don’t want to know them. (). He further states