Technological Inventions and Innovations in Motorsports


Motorsports may include a number of sports activities which involve the racing of different vehicles which are powered by the engine in order to compete with other pilots and drivers. Automotive racing is the most popular type of motorsports activity. There are other popular types of motorsports like motorcycle racing, boat racing, truck racing and aircraft racing. The motorsports competitions are becoming increasingly popular in the global racing and non-racing sports industries. As such, this popularity has driven the growth industries around this area of sporting activities. The motorsports industry, especially the auto racing segment is an industry which is highly dependent on technology (Henry and Pinch, 2000). To compete effectively and to ensure that the industry can function with continued innovation and high efficiency, it is necessary to propagate technological innovations in this field. Product design remains the most important concept in the motorsport industries. The engine powered vehicles used in motorsports are designed with high capabilities and functionalities so that the drivers and pilots can drive these autos in an efficient manner. For making the motorsports industry a competitive and sustainable industry, it is essential to continuously improve the factors like speed, efficiency, power braking systems, auto acceleration, combustion, calibration and other factors of mechanical performances of the automotive used in motor vehicles.nbsp.The research is conducted with the purpose of evaluating the importance of technological innovations and developments in the motorsports industry.nbsp.