Take home assignment

Take home assignment The visual relationship between the statue of liberty painting and the space of the plaza that entails the fountain. The coours entailed in the painting of the statue of loiberty and space for the place plaza have critical relationship as they exhibit light colour. Both painting are lighter and bright. The background region of the statue of liberty is expected to be sky blue at most of the times. This typical colour would always assure enable the statue of liberty to be visible from any point.Fig a:Front of cpa plaza The visibility essence is both unique and desired feature for both the statue of iberty and paint on the plaza near fountain. The selection of the contrasting colours for the statue of liberty and the background alows for the best visibility feature of the statue. The same fetaure applies to the fountain and the background (front of the plaza). The selection of the colors is highly relevant in enhancing the visibility of the features and assurance of excellent appreciation by audience. The statue of liberty has compounded demerits on visibility at various times of the day. In the morning while the sun is rising and seting , the background would typically be shiny and therefore the featur is not well visible. The selection of the white colour for the statue of librty is properly suited for skyblue days which perhaps is expected for most of the days. On contrary, the plaza front visibility was designed to suit both day and night as there is artificial lighting at night.Fig b: statue of libertyThe painting appear highly imposing to most viewers from CPA. I had not noticed it before and msot people most do not appear to notice it. I think the painting is designed to be seen from far place so as to appreciate the essence of art and entailed painting. My ansewers to the previous questioners would encourage the painter to hang his paintings on this point due to excellent selelction of colours for backgrround and highlighted feature. I have noted and observed clear linking of architecture and enhanced aesthetics achievenment through entailing of proper colors for the building and proper visibility for movemnet of the people. The visibility of the painting changes at various times of the day. It is highly visible at night from outside. The designer wanted the painter to be highly appreciated by audience at night and also help in enancing of visibility for moving people.