Strengths and Weakness as a Writer

In high school, writing involved descriptive writing, which mostly involves creating a word picture of places, people, feelings, and objects. Careful choice of points is used to express an idea to the reader, which is also a common feature in college, particularly when formulating a compare/contrast writing assignments (Wyrick, 2013). However, at college, writing is much wider and is different from high school since you are required to offer a description, for instance about a particular biological process, with much greater details that necessitate an extensive study and research before coming up with a credible paper.
In a biology major, the essential writings encompass multiple writing strategies depending on the task. The majority of writing tasks in biology require various approaches. Most often, you may find yourself blending approaches, for instance, through the utilization of examples in comparisons, use of descriptions in definitions, and use of causal analysis in arguments (Wyrick, 2013). Writing is utilized to understand concepts, establish relationships between occurrences and events, formulate theories, and determine the validity of arguments. For example, you may be asked to carry out an empirical study on the effect of pollution on fish and come up with your conclusion.
Currently, writing in college begins when you had an assignment and instructed to research on a particular topic (Wyrick, 2013). Alternatively, you may perform an experiment in the lab and be required to analyze, discuss and offer a conclusion about the information you obtain from the analysis. It is during the study/research, or after the experiment that you start writing. It happens when you are combining information from different sources such as journal article, books. In the end, you have to document your sources to avoid plagiarism. Such tasks are usually longer and necessitate the combination of multiple writing strategies in unique ways to address the task thoroughly, objective, and audience.
Difficulties emerge when I cannot find the information that I need from other sources to assist me in comparing or learning something new, which usually happens when the topic I am studying is unique or has received little research in the academic world. During such periods, I am regularly compelled to utilize whatever source and combine it with my knowledge to develop a meaningful conclusion. My strengths lie in being able to analyze information and coming up with a good end. I can compare numerous sources, and derive the required data. My limitation is being slow during writing. I usually write in a slow manner, but I understand what I am writing. I can enhance my writing experience by reading different books to gain a wider understanding of the relationship between biology and the world and by practising writing articles in blogs regarding issues and topics that touch biology.