Sterling college scholarship opportunity

nbsp.However, apart from helping me in my Christianity life, I believe Sterling College is the ideal place that can pursue my career from. I would like to study biology in this college and specialize in medicine as a cancer doctor specifically for children, which is my dream career. Since my childhood, I have always inspired to become a doctor so that I can help to relieve people pain, and even save the lives of those who die as a result of lack of medical services. During my holidays, one of the things I like ding most is visiting the less fortunate specifically the sick and aged. During such times, when I visit the sick in hospitals I always meet children who are diagnosed with cancer. Though being with them give me the joy of knowing that am showing passion to others I still feel I have a duty to do more than that. As such I believe that pursuing a career in medicine will place me in a better place to help such children and others and most importantly help me to achieve my dream.
Sterling college is the only institution with the adequate resources and a conducive environment for me to pursue this career. Additionally, in line with its mission, to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith( , Sterling college will not only help me to became a professional but also a Christian professional who can do my job not necessarily for the purpose of earning a living but most importantly do it for the glory of the God.