Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study

Goal ment My is ___________________ and I am applying for admissions into the doctorial program in Applied Mathematics at the of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I am currently a member of the ROTC and have been for the past four years. My training has been effective in instilling discipline as well as guiding my life’s focus. This focus has served to arouse a strong desire in me-a desire to achieve much more in my life. This desire coupled with my love for Mathematics has been instrumental in my decision to obtain a PhD.
Throughout my academic career, I have proven to be a model student in that I was able to procure a full scholarship for three consecutive years. In addition to my scholarship, I am the proud recipient of The National Legion’s Scholastic Excellence Award (Spring 2003) along with the Air Force Association Leadership and Scholastic Excellence Award (Spring 2005). My academic achievements have been instrumental in fueling my most fundamental philosophy-one of availing oneself of options as means of maintaining autonomy. For me a PhD would serve as a means of maximizing my options. With a PhD, I am able to pursue the path of professorship in a wide variety of institutions of higher learning. Teaching has long been one of my greatest passions. I feel that teaching is one of my gifts and the greatest source of joy. The only feeling that compares to the sense of satisfaction obtained when a student learns difficult concepts is that of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. I feel that one of my greatest assets is my ability to teach. This degree will serve as a vehicle for me to utilize my greatest assets and maximize my contribution to society.
I have worked arduously in preparing myself for an advanced degree program. In so doing, I obtained a B.S. in _____________ from ______________ and in the course of obtaining that degree. I was required to complete a senior research project. My project entitled, The Orbital Mechanics of a Pebble Falling through a Homogeneously Dense Earth was designed to solve differential equations that governed the motion of a pebble through the Earth. This project represented a culmination of my entire undergraduate career and proved to be instrumental in exhibiting my ability to adequately apply theoretical constructs to practical issues.
Throughout the course of my professional career, I have proven to be both goal-oriented and self-directed. As a member of the ROTC, I was the benefactor of extensive leadership training which was conducted by the office Training School of the Armed Forces. The training focused on the acquisition and refinement of leadership skills, the enhancement of coping skills and the proactive management of multi-tasks during the course of employment. In general, I have a strong work ethic and always strive for excellence in each and every endeavor. My ability to achieve excellence is evident in my ability to successfully complete an undergraduate degree program with honors while serving as a member of the Armed Forces. These tasks were achieved as a direct result of my organizational skills which will prove to be an asset in the PhD program in Psychology.
In the course of my academic career, I have had the great fortune of meeting many very influential professors. Those professors have been instrumental in instilling in me a great love for mathematics. In so doing, they have gotten to know my work product as well as the strong ethic attached to it. I’ve spoken to two of those professors-Dr. Jeffrey Clark and Dr. Jim Beuerle. They have agreed to provide me with recommendations. In addition to my professors, I am able to obtain recommendations from two other individuals with intimate knowledge of my work product. Mr. Joel Hollingsworth and Colonel Kelvin Kearney will also be able to offer assurance in the quality of my work.