But what about socialization?

Ahh…now there’s a topic for controversy.

It seems that 9 times out of 10 times when you tell someone you are home schooling the first question they ask is…

What about socialization?

I think a good answer to that is…

That is exactly why we choose to homeschool


  1. My kids are allowed to grow at their own pace and… not at the pace of 20 to 30 other kids.
  2. My kids will stay younger longer and…they will not “grow up to quickly” which happens in today’s world.
  3. My kids will have their Mom and Dad as primary role models, not…peers their own age.
  4. My kids will be more imaginative and creative.

Okay, they say, “but you should not isolate your kids…”

“I don’t, they have…”

  1. Park days where they have friends of all ages
  2. Church activities
  3. Dance classes
  4. Music lessons
  5. Art classes
  6. Sports
  7. 4-h activies
  8. Neighborhood friendships
  9. Siblings

Socialization |Danstotridge.comIt does take some effort for a home schooling family to find “just the right fit” of activities. You don’t have the luxury of sending them to school all day and assuming that their socialization needs have been met. Which is a good thing!

To have the opportunity to find just the right activities to fit your child’s unique and indivdual needs is well worth the extra commitment it will require and another big plus for home schooling.