Sex segregation in ancient China (Song Dynasty)

This makes them not to collide with their husbands, avoids stupid quarrellings and be obedient to their husbands, relatives and everyone in the community.Men are supposed to go to work to look for basic needs of their families. They are also supposed to respect their wives, listen to them and treat them as they are supposed to be. Like in early days, men went hunting to get food for their families. Nowadays, things are completely opposite. Women are the most people who have changed from their tradition as we can see. First of all, they wear trousers something that could not be done before. It was very illegal to find a woman wearing a trouser. They are also turning to be the head of families. This means that they are disrespecting their husbands and ruling them out of their authorities. That is why most cases of women are being divorced, beaten, and thrown away by their husbands just because of lack of respect.Sex segregation should be important in the whole world. It should be practiced from childhood so as to learn from it. If they get this, they grow up with a lot of respect to their parents, relatives and the society a whole. They will always have good behavior and will perform well in their respective carriers.Sex segregation is the separation of gender (male and female) which is forced by rules, laws and policies in which people are separated by sex. This can be caused by historical practices, societal pressure, and socialized preferences. It can be also be exclusion of one sex to participation of different activities or occupations or institution or even group. It can be partial or completely, and this appears when members of one gender predominate within but do not constitute exclusively, a group or an organization (Ebrey20-103).Sex separation began as the practical custom of simple agricultural societies. Occupations and customs that included gender kept men and women far apart every day. Men went