Security Locking Devices

This paper attempts to compare the two texts in the structure in which they have been presented with an eye for the way in which they have been presented. As far as possible, I try to minimize the use of technical jargon in describing the texts and instead use simple language to convey the sense of the texts that are being compared.
I address the content presented in the text from the point of view of organization, structure, and style of presentation as well as looking for similarities in the text and pointing out differences. As mentioned above, both the texts are highly technical in nature and hence I limit myself to a discussion about the overall content instead of going into the details presented in the text.
The two texts begin with a concise introduction of the subject and they present the material in a lucid if not slightly technical jargon. Thus, the texts attempt to convey the central idea about the locking devices and power generation mechanisms in a way that is comprehensible with some knowledge of the engineering specifics.
Security is one of the most important subjects in the world’s agenda. This term, especially after huge technologic improvements, became a name of the sector because safety techniques and equipment developed as much as weapons and other criminal devices. Every day we hear lots of news about security problems and crimes from newspapers and TV channels. Thus day by day peoples needs to have safer life in their homes, workplaces and outside. To keep our living areas safer is the main issue. Every time we have to be careful about our doors or windows whether all of them are closed safely. But sometimes we get bored because of these details. Also if you are a person who hates to carry something (i.e. a key of his house) with you every time this situation is harder for you.