Response To Anti British Monarchy question

Response to Anti British Monarchy Question And whatever bla bla bla!! I must say that history isn’t your sweet cup of tea either. Since you are too well versed in economics and politics, have you ever compared royals to the president of the U.S alone who’s wasteful spending in inactions costs as hell of a lot more and has only brought debt crisis in the country. Who in the world would even like to know the name of British President? The traditional ceremonies performed by the royal family attract millions of people ever year. For your kind poor information, more than ?200 million are brought in UK by the Crown States alone. If you are too much concerned about the taxpayer’s money, less than a single pound per person is negligible amount to keep the traditions. And you will like UK to have a president. Oh! Come on, just give me a break. In the US, the president pays more than that for just senselessly breaking down the sovereignty of other nations. Any doubts? Ask Americans and I’m sure he’ll be happy to support the kingdom. Besides, this monarchy thing is the only way to keep the historic traditions and culture of UK alive. Political figures are going to change randomly but the royal family continues to serve as a symbol of national unity beyond political conflicts. I’m from London and no tourist has ever asked me about the monarchy. Ahem excuse me for a second while I giggle. Since you are an expert on all matters royal, would you please like to elaborate why London as a city sucks these days? You are absolutely wrong about the tourism industry. To put the record straight, no one even likes to visit London for shopping the undergarments. People from all over the world are crowded there for visiting the cultural heritage. And I bet you won’t be able to split royal family from so much acclaimed heritage. Okay, I have heard that you are very fond of a republican state. Well, Google it and tell me which republic fits upon the versatile angles of your dreams. I don’t recognize any nation in the whole world whose people are passing their everyday lives better than us. How in the hell is your dramatic republic planning to change the life of an ordinary man? You are talking about the royal family as if they are aliens who invaded our beloved country from outer space around 10,000 years BC. These are our own roots and seriously, try at least a little bit more to learn about the British history. If you like to support the abandoning of these priceless centuries old traditions, just go ahead. But at least don’t try to impose our narrow minded vision over the entire population. And yes, I forgot our statements about Prince Phillip. It was Prince Philip along with the queen who signed partnership with Sheikh Nahyan of the UAE. Royals wouldn’t have visited the Gulf even once if they were racists. Acting as heads of the state requires considerable dignity beyond your mental capacity. The British royal family is the goodwill ambassador of Britain to other nations. The charity work carried out by them is quite unmatchable globally. Moreover, they are taking off a hell lot of load from the premier in a number of state affairs. If the people of UK are in favor of anti-British monarchy, why their representatives in the parliament not protest unanimously and put an end to your frustrated state of mind. Where was Britain in active monarchy and where is it now? I think it’s just a matter of time and you will know very well about the role our beloved and elected representatives are going to play in the near future.