Researching Popular Culture What is it that makes the combination of ripped jeans and mirrored sunglasses desirable amongst punk teenage fans and followers of current fashion trends

And what could speak more eloquently than shaved heads, leather jackets, and ripped jeans?Jeans and sunglasses have become essential attributes of fashion due to several reasons: they are and still remain always in trend, they are affordable to any consumer, and they are suitable for almost any occasion. Where’s ripped jeans combined with mirror shades express the spirit of punk époque: rebellious and non-conformist. Those wearing ripped jeans and sun glasses are always having something to say to the society.The history of jeans appearance is rather interesting itself. Denim is considered to be one of the oldest materials in the world. however, its popularity is relatively young. Jeans are trousers mostly made of denim but sometimes such fabric as dungaree can be utilized. People usually imagine blue jeans created by Strauss and Jacob when they use this term. However, the material itself was discovered in national museums and archeological digs all over the world which means that it has been used for centuries on the planet (Lynn 3). So Levi Strauss was not the one who invented jeans but he was first man who realized that jeans could be popular among workers because they were durable and comfortable. Moreover, jeans could change with age in a unique way. So naturally before World War II jeans were worn by cowboys and rural workers, such as farmers or carpenters. The popularity of jeans came with the movies when the most handsome men of Hollywood, Marlon Brando and James Dean, appeared on the screen in classical blue jeans. Later students started wearing jeans as a symbol of support of working class, the most discriminated class in the United States of that time. Moreover, jeans were noticed in Europe when young boys from the USA serving the army wore jeans as a symbol of home (Hegarty 1).That is how jeans rush began worldwide: politics started wearing jeans to look like ordinary people, young people