Research paper

Research paper Each paper will be 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1” margins, and should be formatted in proper MLA style. Each research paper will include 4 recent outside sources. This means you will actually need to use the research in your paper, not simply list it on a works cited or bibliography page. Essays from the textbook do not count. Please use sources published within the last 5 years. At least 3 of your sources must be froman academic source (a journal or scholarly book). You must have proper in-text citations and a works cited page in MLA format. See the Clark Library website for help citing sources(Links to an external site.). Your approach to your topic must be intersectional.______________________________________________________________________________Step #1: Choose a TopicIt is essential that you choose a topic that will hold your interest for the term, since your work will be focused around this topic for some time. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Please keep in mind that these are all broad categories and will need to be narrowed considerable to fit into a 5 page paper. So, use these suggestions as a starting point, and figure out from there what specific question or problem you’d like to research. You are also welcome to choose your own topic, as long as it fits with the parameters of the course. Here’s a tutorial that will help you brainstorm and focus your topic: to an external site.) Choose a film or genre of films (2-3 films of the same type) and do a feminist analysis of those films. reproductive justice family leave polices media representation of … size discrimination gendered violence politics of housework feminization of poverty Environmental racism internet activismStep #2: Write the ProposalYour proposal paper will be 1-2 pages discussing your topic, how you will focus your topic, what specific resources you intend to use, and why you chose this topic. You must do some preliminary research before writing this proposal to make sure you are able to find enough material (including academic sources) to meet the requirements of this assignment. Include at least one academic source that you have found during your preliminary research. For more details about how to find the sources you’ll need for this paper, see Step #3, below. DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 3Step #3: Complete the ResearchDon’t wait until the last minute to do so! The library has several different academic databases (EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale), which are a good place to look for academic sources. Make sure you check the “scholarly/peer reviewed” box when you are searching to find the appropriate materials. You should also check “full text” to return results that are full articles only. You can also access the library from home using your student ID/login. I highly recommend asking the librarian for help if you are not doing well in your search. You can also ask the librarian about inter-library loans, but make sure to do this early on so the material arrives in time for you to complete your project. Remember you will need a total of 4 resources, and at least three must be from scholarly sources. Also make sure that you record all of the source information, including author’s name, title of the article, title of the larger work, pages, editors, publisher, where it was published, website addresses, the date you looked at the material (online), etc. If you have a source without all of this information, you won’t be able to use it in your paper unless you are able to find it again, so write everything down as you are doing your research. Ask me or a librarian for help if you are confused about any of these instructions!Step #4: Write the PaperThe final paper will be 5-6 pages. Make sure to follow the guidelines given above very carefully. Read these directions carefully and pay attention to all due dates. I strongly suggest students make use of campus resources, such as online tutoring(Links to an external site.). You can can submit your draft online to receive feedback!15/05/202035english