Religion That Uniting People

Religion is a huge dividing factor between people of conflicting beliefs. While most religions preach tolerance, it seems very few of them are actually able to live out this belief or religious tolerance.Religion is meant to be a uniting force. A spiritual set of guidelines, a common belief in one ruler, or a unified idea of how everything is the way it is. Religion is not meant to divide people as much as it has done through man’s blood-stained history. The moral ideas and structures of religions are what make them sound belief systems, and it seems ironic in a way to be killing in the name of God.Religion is also controversial in politics, where some people believe a candidate should vote on their religious, instead of sometimes conflicting beliefs. This can lead to an issue, however, because there is clearly supposed to be a separation of church and state.Religion is a set followed guideline for living. It often consists of certain beliefs structured around a main core teaching or deity, often varying in forms or ideas from religion to religion. How a person should live their life, traditions, other practices, and or various cultural ideals all often stem from religions. Often these beliefs contain a belief in one ultimate power, often a creator or creative force. Over the centuries, many different distinct religions have been formed, all adding various ideas and wisdom to the underlying foundation of world religions.( to define ideals as sometimes vague as set religions can oftentimes be difficult. As can be setting up an exact definition as to what religion can be. Some religions may include some things, and others may leave out the parents help sacred to one religion. This can lead to a rough time for anyone trying to come up with a fit definition of what exactly a religion can .can’t be.