Reflection ( Global Media )

Global Media Trends Global Media Trends Global Media Trends expands common knowledge about media. It shows how innovative people are in their use of media and teaches people to use media effectively. The course is rich in diverse activity which makes it engaging for all participants. I will reflect on my course experiences in this essay.
Focus on media is necessary if to think about opportunities people get. For instance, the media mogul project showed how people from different countries communicate and cooperate successfully using the internet. They shared knowledge about their cultures and used different languages. however, the project was great because it created a sense of unity between absolutely unknown people.
Old types of media were not as effective as new media. The increasingly powerful role of social media and the internet were proved to influence everything around. It did not take long to spread information all over the world. As a result, some people took advantage of new media and shared biased information with others in order to benefit from it.
One more trend is media was greatly explained by the You Tube assignment. The site which was used to post short videos became a huge educational database. I was impressed by the fact that full documentaries and mane educational tutorials could be found easily. You Tube videos could not substitute tutor in the classroom. at the same time, they provided great support and additional sources for information for all people who were interested in the task.
Media became more realistic. Online communication can lead to real consequences and suffering. Cyber bullying cases showed to what extent life online can become real for some people. Unfortunately, there current legislation cannot stop the cases of cyber bullying which are harmful for many people and especially teenagers. People need to remember that their online activities can hurt. even though online personalities are different from people who create them, they still remain personalities who deserve understanding and respect.
The content of the course was very motivating for every student. Activism assignment stimulated creative thinking in all participants. Moreover, it was a nice opportunity to apply cultural diversity knowledge practically. Communication via internet was quick and effective. It was amazing to understand that people from all around the world could communicate at their usual pace without any delays related to bad network connection or other technical issues.
Overall, this course can become a solid knowledge platform for all people interested in media studies. It does not dwell on conventional ways how people use media. it reveals some innovative and very useful tips of media integration in daily life. Thoughtful examples about media bias and false information become good reminders that people often take media information for granted. Interesting assignment keeps all students active and engaged during the course. I would suggest this course to all people who want to become more than an ordinary media consumer.