QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company



Running Head: QATARI DIAR Real E Investment Company QATARI DIAR Real E Investment Company Rooda Omran Al-Qebaisi MAC100 (Interactive Learning Skills and Communications 2) QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company is one of the biggest Investment companies in Middle East. It was a creation of the state-owned Qatar Investment Authority in the year 2004 in Qatar. Salisbury (2010) reports, “Qatari Diar started work with one billion dollars in the development of the Chelsea Barracks and the former US embassy at Grosvenor Square in London which means it was powerful in luxury real estate region.” In this essay, the discussion will explain and analyze the main factors responsible for the success of this company and why it is more successful than almost any other company in Qatar is. Then the paper will conclude the discussion with personal opinion. Qatari Diar Company has more than eleven overseas branches worldwide, and owns stakes in, as well as whole companies in the main capital world countries. In addition, it focuses on social responsibility and community projects that are as many in number as the projects it conducts for commercial gain. According to Sloman (2008), Qatari Diar strengthened its market presence by creating strong financial assets. This has led to this company earning over sixty billion dollars through global investments. In addition, the company offers career planning for international businesspersons. In Qatar, Qatari Diar Company has developed and planned long-term projects. An example of such projects is the Lusail City, which is to be built by 2015, for two hundred thousand people. The company also plans to develop the national railway system in Qatar for twenty five billion dollars, which will link the all Qatar cities and provide a freight service with Saudi Arabia (Sloman, 2011). Qatari Diar Company is an attractive business, making several companies from across the world want to form partnerships with them. De Kluyver (2009) points out the process this company follows, which starts with the project being born. Then a manager is selected, the project team and initial resources are assembled, and the work program is organized. This shows how it they follow a standardized and simple procedure to get major results. One cannot ignore the strategy of Qatari Diar Company, which has been based on strong financial backing by the Qatar government, which was provided to them for the long-term activities of this business. “Strategic management involves analysing the alternative long-term courses of action for the firm and choosing which strategy to pursue. The strategic choices that are made depend on the aims of the firm” (Meredith, 2006, p.68). Qatari Diar Company understands the concept of development, as it is a global company with a strongly felt presence in this business region. In the business field, success does not simply come to those who have control natural for resources and physical capital only. It also requires them to have masterful strategies ideas, because modern technological resources are neither necessary nor enough to reach the global competition standards alone (GWI, 2010). Qatari Diar Company has a vast vision of the future and it is carrying out the countries projects in a beautifully engineered environment. They pride themselves on being one of the major businesses in Qatar. They have successfully emerged as a vibrant investment, commercial, cultural, and social community, which caters to several universal needs and keeps a wide set of priorities. They are known as a master developer and planner, whose mission is to promote a better quality of life by creating a distinguished legacy of developments, through both planning and building. The company also succeeded in meeting internationally recognised business standards, according to a few experts (Toumi, 2010). In addition, Qatari Diar Company is working very hard to produce a global signature for the company projects. It also creates a significant impact for the long-term benefit of the people who live in Qatari Diar Company communities. Qatari Diar Company has a clear mission, which focuses on high quality of life for the people of Qatar and around the world, by incorporating the best practice in industry standards. In conclusion, all these points show how Qatari Diar consists of serious professionals who ensure that the company is, at all times, in capable hands. The company team endeavors to build up both diplomatic and economic links with poorer countries and offers good opportunities to residents concerning investment in real estate business of these countries. In addition, it has been a clear example of ‘global supply chain management’, which was apparent in the overall corporate strategy that the firm employed. This may be the reason why it was able to capture the benefits of a worldwide integration (Qatari Diar, 2010). In personal opinion, Qatari Diar Company is a typical example of Qatar government vision and efficient future planning. Qatar government further plans to open different regions of business to explore and support the country with its financial government resources. References De Kluyver, C. and Pearce II, J. 2009. Strategy. London: Prentice Hall. GWI. 2010. “Qatari Diar revamps utility services strategy.” Global Water Intelligence Official Website. Retrieved on June 26, 2011: Meredith, J., and Mantel, S. 2006. 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