Project Study 01

Other weighty considerations in a dreaming well plan include ones specific synergies with their target organisation and their critical success and risk factors, whose analysis Gentle (108) argues is of utmost importance.
Besides personal analysis, my dreaming well plan accommodates my primary target firm Nestle, where I realise particular interest in environmental sustainability (Nestle Sustainability Review 1-5) which bodes well with my strengths. hence strong specific synergies.
All of these factors for the establishment of dreaming well plan do not have to be taken into consideration as prioritising can help to settle down on the strategic options for a dreaming well plan based on the most effective factors.
Simerson (89) argues that it is absolutely necessary to gather and analyse everything about your dream, from personal stock taking to the opportunities available externally. Based on this, my career strategy plan can include research tasks into my career goals, SWOT, UPPs, specific synergies, critical success factors and personal risk factors. Research tasks into my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will help me know my career potential. Basing research on my UPPs will help me realise my selling points, while establishing my specific synergy will provide me with insight into how I fit into my preferred career. Research tasks focused on my critical success factors and risk factors can help determine where to position myself and what to avoid in my career path.
The stakeholders in the first SO (focussing on my career goal, undertaking a SWOT analysis and considering my UPPs) are personal belief in the selected SO and the targeted client, hence I give it a score of 2. It also gets a 2 in terms of systems since it only involves motivations and achievement. Financially, it gets a 3 in terms of its low costs, income and ROI. (Total score=7).