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Project Management: An Article Review of Project Management: An Article Review The article entitled a model of project knowledge management written by Stanislaw Gasik is an in-depth analysis of project knowledge cycle and its significance in project management. The article pronounces the most important aspect of project management i.e. usage of model to regulate operations.
The author has divided the theme of this article in specific areas such as micro level knowledge for project management. This is followed by macro knowledge of project management in the article. The issues that have been highlighted in the article are related to implementation of project knowledge cycle. The author claims that many project management managers do no understand that the basic key to operational knowledge is to stay updated with the trends (Gasik, 2011) .
The author has also mentioned that project management can be undertaken if four levels of knowledge are achieved. These four levels have been determined as individual, project, and organization and global. It can be said that the article has been well formulated because it describes project knowledge cycle from more than one dimension. The data collected for the article is relevant and does not show any biasness in terms of interpretation. The targeted audience of the article is project management departments as it introduces core model of project management (Gasik, 2011).
The article has also mentioned the limitations underlying the discussion of project knowledge cycle. Overall, it can be concluded that the article can be used an informative guide for the project managers in performing tasks using the project knowledge cycle.
References List
Gasik, S. (2011). A model of project knowledge management. Project Management Journal, 42(3), 23-44.