Problems in American Immigration

It is human nature not to remain ‘static’. rather they will always like to keep on moving from one place to another, even to uncharted territories. This form of immigration will sometimes happen legally and other times illegally, and also sometimes from the position of domination and other times from the position of weakness. Based on the above-mentioned mode of immigration only, the immigrants will receive a favorable reception or a negative reception. From time immemorial, the land of America has been receiving immigrants from all over the world from Europe, Africa to Asians. All who reached America have experienced any one or both the receptions and thereby imbibed more experiences. So, this paper will discuss how the immigrant Europeans, as well as the native and also the immigrant Non-Europeans, shared experiences, with the presence of Non-Europeans or Native Indians helping the Europeans like the Irish become “American”.
Even before the immigration of Puritans or Anglo-Europeans started, America has been receiving people from different ethnic groups or ‘nationalities’. That is, according to the author Ronald Takaki, a well known ethnic studies historian, America has been receiving immigrants from 1400’s after the expedition and the resultant discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Actually, the Native Indians only inhabited America for over 1000 years, but this immigration of outsiders particularly Europeans downsized their population to a minority. That is after Columbus discovered the sea route to America, the Spanish are the first to arrive and they were living in America since 1400’s in what is today California.