Although Scripture attests quite clearly to language origins, simply referring to Scripture as an ultimate source does not always hold up in man’s realm of reasoning. I hold true to the sufficiency of Scripture, as well as Scripture’s divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit (English Standard Version, 2 Timothy 3:16-17). God’s Word is absolutely accurate in the arguments and explanations it provides concerning man, man’s purpose, and the history of the world (Hebrews 11:1-3). The beauty of Scripture’s authenticity is that the Lord gave us many extra-biblical accounts and testimonials that support what it claims. Contrary to other religious transcripts that additional supports, many resources conclude with Scripture again and again. One of these resources is the human brain. According to an article retrieved from the popular Creationism journal,Answers in Genesis,“The morphological requirements for speech do not rely on the existence of a single organ, but depend on the simultaneous availability of a voice-producing mechanism,” and that mechanism is the intricate trichotomy of “a suitable throat cavity (together with the tongue), and a highly complex control system (the brain)” (Gitt, 2012). This scientific fact leads to the next unique observation that these human body parts are connected for one specific reason: speech and the formation of words, which then form into a common language. The connection of these body parts could not merely connect by the process of evolution. The likelihood “[I]s totally unreasonable to believe that such a marvelous structure could have originated without purpose” to use Dr.Gitt’swords (Gitt, 2012). In addition to the connection of the throat, tongue, and brain, another observation comes into play. When an infant is beginning to learn his parent’s language and formulate words, he looks to his parents and people around him to help him begin to speak. If language was non-existent in the prehistoric era then humans had no reference to help them begin to speak and converse. Therefore, a child with no parents to teach him language would be like a computer without software. The abilities may have been there, but there was not structure or example to make it happen (Gitt, 2012). Both of these examples sound pretty simplistic and yet surveying them at the core reveals Intelligent Design and purpose in creation. Without children learning the specific words and communication of their parents, then language would have died off centuries before. If it were really as simple as a few words used for communication by “cavemen” then it could not have survived and spread into multiple languages and dialects. The very anatomy of the human body points to intentional and intelligent design. Every cell, neurotransmitter, and muscular function has a purpose and follows a plan to permit humans to live and function in this world. This does not happen by mere chance, it happens by an Intelligent Designer who wanted to communicate with his creation and allow his creation to communicate with each other (Revelation 21:3).(Total word count: 491)ReferencesGitt, W. (2012). The origin of human language.Answers in Genesis.Retrieved from