Home School Planner

Home School Planner |Danstotridge.comIt’s your home school and your day. You get to be the home school planner. There are no rules that say your home school must last from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon.

Figure out what works best for your and your family.

Be your own home school planner.

Remember that you can accomplish in a few hours at home what it takes all day to finish at school. You will not have to take roll, quiet the class, go to assemblies, or do any of the other time consuming things which public school teachers must do.


  • Are you morning people?
    Start your day in the morning.
  • Are you night owls?
    Start your day later in the morning or even in the afternoon.
  • Do you (or your kids) like a lot of structure?
    Assign each subject to a set hour of the day.
    Math from 9:00-10:00,
    Language Arts from 10:00-11:00
    break from 11:00-11:30…
  • Do you (or your kids) do better with more flexibility?
    Know what subjects you want to cover. But vary them, from day to day, depending on your other plans.
  • How old are your kids?
    Smaller children might require more structure, older children might appreciate and benefit from being more in charge of their time.
  • You get the idea.

One thing I know for sure is that you will not know right off the bat exactly what works for you as the home school planner. And what works for you now will not necessarily work for you tomorrow. Or what did work for you last year will not work for you every year. Flexibility it the key. And isn’t that one of the main reasons you are home schooling? For the flexibility!

When and what to study

Being that I am the home school planner here, I have tried many different things over the years, but let me share with you what is working for us right now.

  1. Before the school year even starts I decide what we will be studying and I pick what materials we will be using.
  2. I divide the school year into 10 different learning segments.
  3. Then I divide the information I want to cover from the materials I have chosen by ten so that our work load will be evenly spaced throughout the year. I also want to make sure that I don’t run out of time at the end of the year.
  4. Then I use my computer to make a subject/book list for each child.
  5. I print out the list, insert in into a plastic sleeve, and mount it on the wall near their work space.
  6. Each day I use a dry erase marker and check off the subjects or books I want them to work on for that day.
  7. They then decide which order they want to do what.
  8. With the dry erase marker they mark off what they have completed.

This system works very well for us. My girls are very self directed. They are capable of doing much of their work on their own, but I am always near by and ready to help whenever it is needed. Certain subjects we study together, such as history or science. We usually decide when in the day we will work on those.

I like to have them do math and something from language arts every day. I found in the past that it was too easy to forget about science or social studies. Even with the list it was too easy for me to put off those subjects. This year we have allotted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Social Studies. And Tuesday and Thursday for Science. This has been a good decision!