Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation (PHS&amp

T) as Element of International LogisticsHowever, in the recent times the term is used quite often. International logistics involves not only transportation, although transportation is considered to be a significant component of international logistics. There are other elements of the international logistic systems as well such as packaging, storage and handling. Since in the context of international logistics, people generally refer to the goods that move across national borders, this segment of logistics can be identified to be in a category all by itself. (Long, D. C., International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management). Elements of International Logistics Packaging, Handling, Storage, And Transportation (PHSamp.T) consists of the resources, design concerns, actions and processes for ensuring that the equipments, systems and the related support items are properly packaged, stored, handled, preserved as well as transported from one place to another (Gabel, Logistics Element Manager’s Desk Guide). … Main focus is upon the safe delivery of the goods and services without any potential damage and deterioration of the systems and spares (Gabel, Logistics Element Manager’s Desk Guide). The numerous elements of international logistics such as packaging, storage, handling and transportation include the requirements, the resources, the methods and the considerations for the purpose of ensuring that the equipments and materials as well as related support systems are stored, preserved, handled, packaged, and transported appropriately (Lancioni amp. Chandran, The Role of Packaging in International Logistics). It is to be remembered that the firms need to have proper planning for the logistics systems to operate smoothly in the international market. The firms are supposed to examine each and every aspect in a proper way. As soon as the shipment leaves the docks of the shippers it takes greater effort for them to control till it reaches the consignee’s location. It has been noticed that the international logistics systems tend to work well in circumstances when all the possible phases have been planned in a systematic manner. One of the significant areas in context of international logistics is packaging. It is to be mentioned that packaging determines the condition at which the product will reach the location of the customers (Lancioni amp. Chandran, The Role of Packaging in International Logistics). Material handling encompasses various aspects of work in progress, movements of raw materials or finished goods within the plant or in warehouse. Packaging, handling, storage and transportation (PHSamp.T) plan is generally prepared in order to identify the distribution and the transportation procedures