Online retailing business model company analysis

Online Retailing Business Model Company Analysis Nasty Gal is an established single channel web company that has a worldwide clientele on its list of shoppers. They are exclusively present online thus fall in the online business category of virtual merchants. As virtual merchants, they have developed their brand to a highly respected level given that they target fashion-forward, free-thinking girls with a vintage taste (Nasty Gal). Their history shows that they have managed to rise from operating in an apartment on eBay to owning their own studio and URL. Their capability to attract customers from all over the world resulted from affordable prices and efficiency in operations. Lack of physical retail stores except their studios and warehouses enables them to devote their time and resources to the virtual operations. In this manner, they are able to maximize their revenue while cutting costs that involve setting up of retail shops.With the vision of inspiring and getting their inspiration from cool girls all over the world, Nasty Gal intends to provide their customers with truly unique items exclusive to their brand. Online retailing is a fast growing sector of the commerce world as a result of a fast growing consumer base. Increase in access to internet services has made it possible for most people to access the services of Nasty Gal. Customers can purchase clothes, shoes and accessories directly from the web page, which they receive through shipment to their location anywhere in the world from New York to Australia. Their about us page provides information about the history of its establishment as well as providing information about the founder and other team members behind its operations. It also provides information about their clothes, shoes and accessories, and gives instructions on how to search and make purchases (Nasty Gal).Works CitedNasty Gal, 2012. Web. 31 Oct, 2012.