Omparison of Different Dentification of Subcultures

Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist, suggested that all people have an internal motivation for belonging in order to reach their fullest potential (, 1). This viewpoint offers that people in group subcultures will model their behaviors after others in the group as a means to find this belonging. This is very noticeable in The Vermonter group but occurs far less in the International group. Vermonters are very particular about their fashion and where these fashions are purchased due to their own stereotypes about the local shopping options and their focus on advertisements. Many students in this group enjoy retail magazines and regularly discuss the different trends and styles found within them. In some instances, it seems that this is the only social topic that some members have in common. The Vermonters are definitely a popular culture-oriented group that enjoys entertainment and considers issues of wealth, fashion and personal image. This group often looks to one another to validate their opinions, both male and female, but the method by which this is done in The Vermonters is quite different. Females regularly ask one another about their opinions on a new fashion item or social opinion while male students generally look for quality discussion through humor and studies.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.The International group does not appear to have this same connection to popular culture because their individual viewpoints on issues of media and television did not show that these items were important to the International student group. Students in this subculture were not observed discussing pop culture and fashion/commercial issues at any point in the research. This could suggest a group that is focused mainly on studies or simply do not have the same consumer values as the local students.
&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.There is a specific organizational culture which exists at Champlain College which begins at the leadership level. The college obviously has a long-term goal of creating students with many different talents (sociology, psychology, etc).