New Product Entry into U S Market

In the present study, the marketing environment of the target companies will be studied and their situation will be analyzed. Proper strategies will be made for entry into the target market. Situation Analysis Steel cables are generally two or more cable wires bonded with each other in symmetry. They are used for various purposes such as towing, lifting or conveying etc. Steel wire cables are used in almost all big electrical and outdoor equipments such as elevators, escalators, big machines for holding equipments etc. It can be easily said that these steel cables are one of the building blocks of the outdoor electronic equipments like elevators and other construction equipments. In the present situation analysis, three companies will be selected who are the largest manufacturers of elevators and similar electronic equipments in US. The selection will be based on size of the company, number of employees, sales figures, location and distribution, major products manufactured and the purchasing process. 1. Dover Corporation The first company selected is Dover Elevator Systems Inc., USA, which is an arm of Dover Corporation. Dover is known as the largest manufacturer of elevators in US. The other operating divisions of the corporation are communications, vapor recovery, electronics etc. The elevators manufactured by Dover are mainly used by hotels, apartments, department stores, hospitals, factories, railway stations, medium high rise developments such as office, low cost flats etc (Dover Corporation, 2012). Dover follows a normal purchasing request which is demand –supply process. Demand is estimated according to pre-production analysis and supply process is initiated in cycles. Geographic markets- apart from United States, Dover has its operations in many countries such as Mexico, Malaysia, and Australia etc. Apart from distributing as a wholly owned brand, Dover has its distribution in many countries as third party distributors, franchisee and tie-ups. Dover elevators are distributed in all major countries of Europe, Asia and majority of UK. Distributors- Dover operates through both independent and local distributors. One unique strategy which Dover applied was that both their names as well as the local distributor’s name were engraved in the installed equipment. This helped the organization to gain a local advantage. The presence of national distributions helps the company in reaching a wide geographic distribution over the country. 2. Otis Elevator Company Otis Elevator Company is considered as one of the biggest manufacturer of vertical transport system. The company is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, USA. Major manufacturing factories are established in America, Asia and Europe and it has distribution in more than 200 countries. The company also owns two testing towers, one situated at its headquarters and another in Japan (Otis Elevator Company, 2013). The company specializes in elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Apart from this, the company is also engaged in providing elevator solutions and immediate services to any issues regarding safety and communication. Distribution- the distribution occurs through many sales channels. The