Motorola Marketing Campaign

Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds today. It is a creative industry that has expanded down to various genres such as advertising, distribution and selling. Customer base is figured out, their needs and aspirations realized and the relevant product developed accordingly. Future predictions and the expected turn the market is to take is often analyzed through various forms and types of Market research.
Motorola had witnessed significant rise in its profits in the year 2009. It registered a profit of $143 million against a loss of $ 3.7 billion it faced in 2008. The situation was a very drastic one which led to the top management to adopt a very aggressive strategy. There were some heavy cost cutting measures adopted followed by a heavy profit. There was a hefty cost cut strategy applied leading to heavy profit margin, whereas on the other hand sales graph was in the decline state for the mobile phones.
Currently Motorola is looking around to launch new technologies .Recently it was announced that they would be launching a new indoor and outdoor wireless networking solution in Australia, that will cover a variety of industries benefiting the enterprises with high speed secured wireless communications. They also have a plan of releasing eight more products and solutions related to networking. This would bring in flexibility, convenience and productivity in the way of work of the employees of these enterprises.
It has also announced to split up of the company into two separate companies which will be effective by first quarter of 2011. One of the companies will focus on the mobile phones and home units operated by Co-CEO of Motorola, whereas the other one, headed by Co-CEO Greg Brown will focus on the mobility and business solutions.
The primary reason behind this is to generate customer value and ensure the delivery of customer specific products on time that would cater to all their needs.
Motorola’s Market Orientation:
Market Orientation:
Marketing has derived its influences from innumerable fields of life such as social sciences, psychology, sociology and economics. It is a unique amalgamation of various fronts of life. Anthropology has been impacting marketing for quite some time though the influence is comparatively smaller in scale. Research conducted by marketing analysts has chalked out these activities. Its association with advertisement has co-joined with creative arts too. Today marketing variables have incorporated creative arts too for marketing the product. The Marketing literature is no more constant and is infamous for its rapidly changing nature. There have been a multitude of marketing definitions connoted by various institutes. The Chartered Institute of Marketing is one such marketing premise and it explains marketing in terms of customer needs and the efforts undertaken to satiate them. This is normally achieved by transforming and adapting the product completely in accordance with the needs of the customers. Another organization goes on to define marketing as a process closely related to management which is aimed at identifying and assessing customer needs efficiently while some others claim