Mission and Vision Statement of Choice Hotels International

In the initial phase of its business, the company was operating only in the US and some parts of Canada. In the year 1972, the organization came to be known as Quality International and started its business of franchising wherein the company independently owned 300 hotels and gained market success. Subsequently, the company bought Rodeway Inn, Friendship Inns and Econo Lodge that were regarded as economy-focused chains in the 1990s and thus the company finally changed its name to Choice Hotels International. In the year 2005, Choice Hotels introduced an all-suite design of hotel which is known as Cambria Suites that has a modern style. In the year 2010, the county officials of Maryland and Montgomery declared that Choice Hotels would shift its headquarter establishment from Silver Spring to Rockville (SpatialPoint, LLC, Choice Hotels International). Correspondingly, the paper intends to identify the existing mission and vision of the company along with the risk associated in its business. Moreover, the way in which the company is responding to the determined risks will also be evaluated. Choice Hotels International has a mission to embrace the entire world and stimulate transformation for the future by giving back commitment towards the society in which the foundation is established and functioning. The foundation is focused on efforts that offer food, clothes, and shelter to those people who actually require them. The mission is also focused on improving and elevating the educational programs that cater to the promotion of growth and overall improvement of tourism. The foundation commences these efforts through volunteerism and commitment to the programs wherein the foundation is actively affianced. Moreover, Choice Hotels International is committed to providing a better service in the hospitality industry and mark their presence on the communities in whichit is operating.