Media Culture and Modernity

And, there is a proportion among filmmakers who bring these situations and incidents into a cinematic form, replicating exactly or using a fictionalized version of the real life happenings. These attempts by the filmmaker to ‘picturize’ the real life happenings, always comes loaded with fetes and critics.More than fetes, these attempts to create real life inspired works will always receive criticisms from various quarters. Some times, these criticisms will be done in an organized or in a logical way using theories formulated by great thinkers. That is, based on the set theories, film or any other work of art can be analyzed, praised and criticized. As times moves on, new theories are expounded by various thinkers relating to a specific field. As these new theories, brings in new ideas or concepts, moving away from existing theories and relating to the current times, it will have the Modernist touches. So, the term Post Modernism or Post Modern theories are applied when wide-ranging set of developments takes place in line with the changing times, in different fields initiated by various thinkers, giving rise to theories in the field of philosophy, art, literature, culture, importantly critical theory, etc. The field of critical theory is a widespread one with any human activity coming under it. But, the main concept is, the activity will be viewed from a critical angle most of the times. Among the many human activities and the existing theories related to it, theories particular to half of humans has evolved and is evolving even now. Half of humans are the female component of the population and theories specific to them have evolved in earlier times, and are forming or modifying now also with the modernist perspective. So, according to the current times, theories relating to females or feminist theories have formed imbuing the current or advanced concepts. Thus, feminist theories have also attained the modernist touch