McDonalds Marketing Campaign

Ray Kroc changed what was at one time a product orientation, into a marketing orientation. Back in 1955, this was still a new type of management. ( Kroc 185-217) From the beginning, Kroc was already at the forefront of marketing.
Ray Kroc founded the McDonald’s way back in 1954 that worked as a single restaurant till 1955 but soon Kroc thought upon the idea of franchise-system. By 1974 the Brand Mac has already become a name to reckon with from its first Woolwich High Street in South London. Each succeeding generation since then saw the McDonald’s hype increase and permeate almost every body’s life in a few decades.
For such a great hype however the McDonald’s cannot be held the sole responsible. The people enjoyed the freedom that the Mac provided with a release from sheer labour of preparing the foods three-times a day. If the Mac rationalized the trend of serving, the people welcomed with even greater response. McDonald’s uses a theory referred to as relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is defined as marketing to protect the customer base. The customer is viewed as an asset and the company’s marketing goal is to attract, maintain, and enhance customer relationships.
McDonald is facing a major attack on its brand from anti-globalisation and other pressure such as United Poultry Concerns- ( They are going after McDonald’s because they think it has deep pockets. So far the company has been able to use finical marshal to fend off an attack. The litigation cases in the United States against McDonald so far has been settled out of courts and the courts have thrown out most of them.
Kids represent an important demographic to marketers because they have their own purchasing power, they influence their parents’ buying decisions, and they’re the adult consumers of the future. With this in mind, McDonald, like many other manufacturers are using various marketing and communications strategies to encourage children and adults to buy their products.
The McDonald’s new mantra, other than the diet is ‘Go Active’, ‘Eat Smart’, and ‘Be Active’.