Marine Biology Sharks

They drink up to 90 pounds of their mothers milk on a daily basis, and it is said to contain 50%-60% fat content.Humpback whales flippers are approximated to be a third of their body length. As noted earlier, their heads are broad and appear flat when viewed from above, each containing a cylindrical knob with hairs. These hairs are said to assist them in detecting movement inside the water. Humpback whales have a mixture of white and black colors on their bodies. The upper parts are black, especially on the dorsal fin, and the underside is mottled black. These whales are said to have a lifespan of 40-50 years.At a certain point in the middle of the twentieth century, the humpback whales were nearing extinction. This is because of the commercialized whaling exercises that were carried out from the beginning of the twentieth century. The humpbacks were an easy catch because they mate and feed in shallow waters in the summer. Humpbacks are said to be slow swimmers (Whale Life Documentary, retrieved from Thanks to the American governments efforts in conjunction with the International Whaling Commission of giving them protection in the mid 20th century, the humpback killing stopped.It is believed that the humpback whales were copious in the international waters, biological experts estimating 7,000 humpbacks in the North Pacific Ocean. Approximately 4,500 humpback whales out of the possible 7,000 reportedly found their way to Hawaii waters. After the government imposed a ban on commercial whaling through the enactment of the endangered species act, humpback whale numbers are reported to have increased over time. It is now reported that the humpback whales are in excess of 22,000 in the North Pacific Ocean, of which 10,000 of those are said to be around the Hawaii waters. There is a possibility that these numbers have risen tremendously, though unconfirmed.Humpback