Love without Sex

Sex without LoveSome gay people share that they had different feelings from an early age, such as having crushes on people of the same sex then later related these feelings as being gay or bisexual later.Defining sexuality can be difficult, but it may help think about Arm Scharlet’s description of sexuality as the expression of an age blind desire for meaningful intimacy and connection with others. Most people never discover their sexual orientation until much later in their life, which proves to be confusing to them at that particular time. Interest in sexually related activities usually increases when an individual is at the puberty stage. Researchers assume that sexual interests or behavior is associated with genes others assert that it is nurtured by the environmental surrounding or a combination of both the environment and biology. A section of people in society has difficulty in accepting people who are different, whether it’s because of their sex, sex, sexuality, religion and so on. Dealing with such people who do not understand your sexuality can be traumatizing, because in most cases they discriminate against such people, bully them, or even be violent in some cases. Whichever the reason for doing so, it is not right and it should never be tolerated (Becker-Phelps).I agree with this statement, no one will love you more than you love yourself unless you are completely into you, no one else will. Loving yourself involves increasing self-confidence and loving who you are: curly, frizzy hair, white, black and all. It is difficult to connect with someone else if you do not have a connection to yourself. You have often heard that you must be in love with yourself before you are loved by someone else because our partners are an ideal image of yourself. Disliking yourself can make you less attractive to others. Many people will not want to be with a self-absorbed narcissist but neither do they want.